Around the world: Japanese

The most common reaction people have to Japanese food is that they often immediately think sushi and sashimi. This is mainly because fish is such a staple when it comes to Japanese cuisine, and while it can be served raw, the Japanese also enjoy it grilled. The other thing the Japanese rely on is fresh ingredients, and are known to favour seasonal produces when cooking. … Continue reading Around the world: Japanese

Reaching out: How Sahar Elsemary tells stories with food

Before she proceeded walking, Sahar Elsemary paused in front of the halal butcher, gathering everyone together to explain what it means to be Muslim. As a Taste Cultural Food Tours guide, Elsemary said she hopes to be able to educate people about the Middle Eastern culture, from food through to religion. Elsemary’s desire to teach stems back to when she still lived in Egypt and … Continue reading Reaching out: How Sahar Elsemary tells stories with food

Around the world: Maltese

At quick glance, a Maltese menu could easily be mistaken for an Italian one, mainly because the Italians have heavily influenced how the Maltese cook. Other past visitors of the country, including the French, English, Germans, and Arabs have also left their mark in the Maltese kitchen. With that, the Maltese often use herbs, olives, anchovies, and soft cheese in their cooking. They’re also fans … Continue reading Around the world: Maltese